Bigger And Brighter Rooms Made Easy

There’s always at least one room in the home that could do with a complete makeover, and this is more often than not, because it looks small and dark. There is a simple solution to this dilemma, and that is to do some redecorating which focuses on making the room appear bigger and brighter.

To begin with the room is probably too cluttered. This is understandable, as I’m sure you bought accessories for the home in order to improve the look of this room, but too much stuff will make the too small look of the room even worse. So, only keep the bare essentials.

Bigger And Brighter Rooms Made Easy
Bigger And Brighter Rooms Made Easy

The furniture in the room could also be part of the problem. If the room isn’t very big, then you need to make the most of the space you have. Multifunctional furniture is ideal for such a room. A futon can serve as both a sofa as well as a guest bed, and an ottoman is a table and storage facility in one. This style of furniture is ideal for a smaller room.

To make the room seem brighter, you need to utilise the light you have. Painting your walls white or in pastel tones means that they will reflect the natural light from the window and the artificial light from your lights and standing lamps. Apart from repainting, your windows are the best way to make a room seem brighter and bigger. If you’re using blinds with your windows, then you need to reconsider, as blinds are ideal for keeping light out but can also make a your window look a lot smaller than it is and rather uninviting, too.

Curtains frame the window in a flattering manner, and create the illusion of a bigger window. If you opt for made to measure curtains in bright colors such as yellow or fuchsia, then you can have the curtains be longer than the window thereby creating the illusion of a bigger window and window area.

At the beginning I mentioned de-cluttering your room, and while that is still vital, there are some accessories which are needed to create a bigger and brighter room. Mirrors are ideal for this situation, as they give depth to a room, and reflect what little light there is. If you place them strategically as for instance in line with the light from the window or behind a standing lamp, then they can work wonders to your room.

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