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Pine Furniture Facts

The scent of pine is something that can cause an immediate feeling of calmness as soon as you smell it. If you want to have this all the time, then pine furniture is just what you need. Pine is a soft wood that’s been used to make furniture since Victorian times and is still producing beautiful furniture today. It’s been used to turn kitchens and living rooms into cozy and rustic environments.

In recent years, pine has been given a bad reputation because many furniture manufacturers used pine timber of low quality to make veneered pieces. Understandably, this furniture fell apart in no time. The truth is that pine is very durable and can produce sturdy and high quality furniture compared to oak furniture. The right kind just has to be chosen.

Pine Furniture
Pine Furniture

Actually, pine wood shouldn’t be compared to oak as it’s a soft wood while oak is a hard wood. There are a lot of differences between the two. However, pine should be used for different kinds of furniture over oak and vice versa.

Pine furniture has many benefits. Besides having an amazing scent, it also produces some of the most beautiful furniture you’ll find. As it’s a soft wood, more intricate designs can be actually hand carved into the furniture.

In addition, pine is quite durable and will last a long time when properly cared for. One very important thing is to keep it free of dust and dirt.

Furniture made from pine is usually less expensive than other woods. So if you’re on a tight budget to get that good masticating juicer you’ve always wanted but you also need furniture, pine may be the best way to go. Soft wood will always be more affordable than hard wood and, therefore, the price will be right.

A final consideration of having pine furniture is that it’s environmentally friendly. Pine grows abundantly and replenishes itself quickly as it’s a fast growing tree. In addition, making wooden furniture doesn’t usually need toxic chemicals like the ones used in plastic tables and chairs. So in addition to the beauty of pine furniture, you can feel good about using it because it won’t have a bad effect on the natural flow of things.

When you decide to purchase furniture made of pine, there will be plenty of choices that will fit into any and all décors and home themes.

Choosing a Dining Room Set

Perhaps the time has come where you know that you need to buy yourself a new dining room set, or maybe you need to fill that empty dining room with the right table and chairs. Dining room sets are something that everyone should have so that they can have a proper place to eat their meals and a place where guests can sit when they come over for a visit to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dining room sets come in all different sizes and come with a different amount of chairs depending on how big or small your family is. There are dining room sets for families’ as little as two people. Even if you are living in your home alone and you have guests over often then you would need a bigger table to accommodate the need to seat everyone.

Choosing a Dining Room Set
Choosing a Dining Room Set

After you know what size your dining room table needs to be you need to next choose the style and color of your dining room table. Will most of the people that are sitting at the table be adults or older teens? If this is the case you can choose a tall dining room table with bar stool chairs; this is common option for many people to add an elegant and classic look to their dining rooms. There are many styles that you can choose from and different colors of wood as well. You can choose light colored wood for the tables and the chairs or you could go with a darker cherry wood table.

Choose from tables that have chairs with cushions or tables that are just completely wood. For the most part people get chairs with cushions for their dining room tables because their chairs are usually a bit more formal compared to a typical kitchen table.

A dull room can easily be transformed into a sophisticated yet classy room when a dining room table is added. There are a few different types of dining room tables that you can choose from. A traditional dining room set is one that you might want to first take into consideration before seeing what else is available. The traditional look is the one that most people tend to go for when shopping for a living room set.

If you choose a traditional dining room set, these are the wood options that you will generally find available:

  1. Mahogany wood
  2. Cherry wood
  3. Oak wood

Decorating Your Bedroom

When you’re ready to re-decorate your bedroom, there’s a vast amount of furniture for you to choose from once you decide what style or theme you want to go with. You’ll need to select the colors you want to use as well as the type of furniture that will fit in with the theme that you’ve chosen. If you have a partner that shares the room with you, you may want to co-ordinate with that person so that you’re both on the same page with the choices.

Something important to consider is that when you go to buy bedroom furniture is to not feel as if everything you buy has to match. Feel free to mix oak, mahogany, pine and ash furniture pieces and you’ll see just how beautiful that eclectic can turn out to be. If you’re trying to achieve a rather romantic look in your bedroom, try French Style and painted furniture.

Decorating Your Bedroom
Decorating Your Bedroom

These pieces can be easily paired with darker and more modern pieces. Make a scrapbook of your favorite pieces of bedroom furniture and then set about putting these together in a way that works.

Various shades of grey are rather popular whether it’s used on your bedroom walls or in one piece of furniture. This can be an armchair or a bed that’s been upholstered. Try combining a large dark wooden bed with light colored linen. This works to be a beautiful contrast. If you want to paint your walls something bright and bold or dark, you may be worried that it will make your bedroom too dark. If you use a high gloss paint, it will reflect lots of light and bring your room back to life.

If you’re trying to save some money, you can use concrete floors and polish them to a high shine. Then, place a light colored rug in the center of the room. This will add warmth to the room without costing you an arm and a leg. Using this type of flooring may even leave you enough money in the budget to add underfloor heating.

Last, but not least, when you’re planning your new bedroom, you can find free online room planners to test out your ideas. These will show you what your plans will look like in reality.

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