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Taping Drywall Guide for Beginners

When putting up drywall in your home, some people may not be well educated about all that is actually involved in putting up a wall. There’s more than just setting it up, and one necessary step that people seem to stumble with is taping the wall. So for those confused about taping, read the following steps involved in the taping process and find out how it should be done, and why it needs to be done.


The first thing you will want to be sure of is that you have the proper tools for this assignment. It’s not very hard to tape the seams in drywall, but it can be time consuming to do it well. If the walls are taped poorly, or not taped at all, then it will show even after they are put up and finished. They will look patchy and unprofessional. If you are worried about your own abilities to handle this task, then just contact a professional. Otherwise, continue reading for some good beginner’s advice.

The correct tools for this job are going to be a drywall knife, joint compound, sandpaper, and drywall tape. Do not use another kind of tape for this task. Drywall tape is specifically designed for completing drywall; hence the name.
Now, before you apply the drywall tape, you are going to want to put the joint compound on each joint of the drywall. Let the compound dry, and then use your sandpaper to smooth it out. It is after applying the compound to the drywall, letting it harden, and then sanding it all down, that you are ready to apply your drywall tape.

Next, you will need to tape the joints between the sheets of drywall, and then fill them with more of the drywall compound. Afterward, before the compound dries, smooth it out with your knife. After it dries, smooth it out again with your sandpaper. You will likely need to wait a day before you can sand it. If you want a polished and professional finish to your drywall, invest in a fine grit sandpaper to sand it over again. You may need to do this part multiple times, but the taping part is fairly simple.

Secondary Double Glazing Advantages

When you decide to use secondary glazing glass on your windows, there are many advantages to be gained. You’ll be able to notice these almost immediately once you’ve completed the process. These include:

    1.   Not as much noise: Windows with secondary double glazing reduces traffic, airplane, train, road work and general outside noise. Too much noise can disrupt your sleep, living and overall health. This noise can be reduced from 75 percent up to 90 percent when you choose a glass with high specification.
Secondary Double Glazing
Secondary Double Glazing
  1.   Decreases loss of heat: These are the windows that cut down on the amount of heat you lose. Since heating costs are always climbing, it makes sense to install secondary or double glazing. You can save up to 50 percent on heat loss just by adding an extra pane of glass over your existing window panes.
  2.   Keeps out drafts: With secondary glazing glass, your windows are draft proof. There are twin brush seals that provide high seal efficiency, which keeps the drafts from coming inside. The single glazed windows don’t have enough insulation, effective seals, and may not close right. These things can lead to cold coming into your house.
  3.   Secondary glazing glass Cost less than replacing windows: It’s typically cheaper to do secondary glazing than to replace your windows. This is the perfect option if you can’t afford to get high quality double glazing especially if you live where traffic noise is a problem. Another example is when you’re renting or leasing where you’re not allowed to change the windows.
  4. • Easily cleaned: Secondary glazing is an easily cleaned system. Using secondary glazing that tilts back and slides, you can clean the back of the glass as well as the window.

Most secondary glazing allows insert panels, integral panels or fly-screens, which can be very handy during the summer or warmer months. You can choose from hinged, fixed, or lift-out plus horizontal and vertical sliding units. Secondary double glazing is simple to install and offers better home security.

You can find just the right secondary double gazing by searching online for dealers in your area. This is the best way to get assistance from experts and any warranty details that you need. You might also check a mirrors sale to see if there are any secondary double glazing also on sale.