Cleaning Steam Mops 101

It’s important that we disinfect our homes. Floors, in fact, are one of the dirtiest areas of the house and it’s the quickest to get dirty. To clean your floor you would need a mop and a bucket of water. When you use bleach, cleansers or other types of chemicals, this may cause a long-term effect on the surface of your floors and it’s not a good idea.

Chemicals are also harmful to humans, animals and also to the environment. A steam mop is a great choice as you don’t need chemicals as you’d be utilizing the power of steam in cleaning out the dirt and in disinfecting your floor.

Cleaning Steam Mops 101
Cleaning Steam Mops 101

How it works is by heating the water and turning it into steam that jets through the mop and removes the grimes and dirt and kills mites and germs. You put water into its reservoir and the mop will heat it up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam from the mop will not cause any damage to your floors. There are some floor surfaces though that would need several steam jets and layers of the microfiber pads. The microfiber pads absorb the dirt out of the floor.

If your floor is too dirty or muddy, you would need to use a regular mop first to get rid of the excess dirt and liquid before you start cleaning it with a steam mop that’s left there. The best carpet steam cleaner won’t have a hard time getting rid of those residues, germs and bacteria. Don’t forget to wash those pads when they get too dirty and dry them up before putting them back on your steam mop. This is why you would best have several pads especially if you’re cleaning a big space.

The steam mops are great and can clean even those stains that cleansers have a hard time removing especially on sensitive floor types and on carpets. They don’t leave any residue thus your wood floors or tiles won’t lose its shine. But make sure you’d be careful while using this mop to avoid burning yourself. If it’s your first time to use one, make sure you follow the instructions properly and understand how it works to avoid accidents. Avoid getting your feet under the mop as the steam can quickly burn your skin.

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