Cleaning Tips: Windows and Window Shades

Cleaning windows and blinds is the trickiest part when cleaning the entire household. It is a fundamental requirement as the air you breathe through the air/wind comes into the house through the windows and unclean windows can only pollute them. You may think cleaning them is a time consuming task besides being hazardous and laborious.

The foremost thing you should know is that cleaning the right way will help you maintain the quality and extend the windows’ life too.

Cleaning Tips: Windows and Window Shades
Cleaning Tips: Windows and Window Shades

You will need to exercise great care in cleaning wooden blinds if you have them at home. You should refrain from washing them since the moisture present in water therein can damage the wood. Instead, using a simple brush will enable remove the dust and dirt. Here you can look at the variety of window shades at

If you are going to use vacuum cleaner, care should be taken to prevent damage on the wooden slats by switching the vacuum cleaner to the lowest speed. A cost effective alternative to the vacuum cleaner is none other than your old pair of socks. If the stains are either hard or stubborn in nature, you might wish to use a damp soft cloth dipped in detergent.

The benefit of thin and lightweight slats can otherwise prove cleaning to be hazardous. Aluminum mini blinds can cut your flesh; you need to be adequately careful when cleaning them. On the other hand, they can be easily maintained with dust busters, dry or damp cloth rather than using your vacuum.

You will need a ladder, a damp cloth to wipe down every slat in the case of vertical vinyl materials due to its challenging nature in cleaning. The common greyish dirt found on most windows can be easily removed using a slightly damp cloth. Window blinds and shades are not just easy to maintain but also decorative and hence has become a popular choice in many households.

The best way is to scrape dirt away with a razor blade or a butter knife. Goo-Gone is a great product you can get from a medical shop or a grocery store. While the household rubbing alcohol too should work, surprisingly a little peanut butter can get the dirt off of any surface.

You may find cleaning your window blinds to be extremely difficult though it is hardly a task worth pursuing. With keeping the blinds lowered and the slats closed, wiping the blinds on one side at a time gently with a damp rag can be exhausting. An easier alternative is to remove the blinds from the window and place them on a cloth. Spray cleaner on the blinds and allow a few minutes before scrubbing the blinds with a soft-bristled brush in a parallel motion to the slats.

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