Do I Buy A Glass Or Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

The traditional view is that glass should be used when you are building a greenhouse, but if we all stayed in the past, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of modern thinking, modern designs and modern technology.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about building a glass greenhouse and not considering the polycarbonate greenhouse variety as a viable option.

Glass Or Polycarbonate Greenhouse
Glass Or Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Following the recent recession, many people have given consideration to growing their own fruit and vegetables in a strong greenhouse, in the garden. No one worries about growing too much, because extras can be sold to neighbours and market gardeners.

As more and more people buy strong greenhouses, you might decide that you should join the environmental movement and take to the Internet to see what kinds of greenhouses are available.

What choices do you have?

The cost of a polycarbonate greenhouse or a glass greenhouse isn’t as much as most people expect and while the cost of a greenhouse does offset the initial advantages of growing your own fruit and vegetables, in the long-run, it will be better to grow your green items in a strong greenhouse rather than take chances with the weather and bugs in an open garden area. The advantage of using a strong greenhouse is that you can weatherproof your growing methods and keep most bugs at bay.

Polycarbonate greenhouses, have come a long way in recent years and many people believe them to be far superior to using glass as an option. The coatings and processes used in making polycarbonate greenhouses make them much more maintenance user-friendly.

Glass can be broken remarkably easily, even by a bird flying into your glass greenhouse. Most polycarbonate greenhouses can’t be smashed or broken using a hammer and brute force.

If children use the garden as a play area then safety and security will become paramount to your way of thinking. Children can easily break glass in a glass greenhouse, even if purely by accident. They can’t all shoot as accurately as David Beckham. There is much less chance of them have an accident with a polycarbonate greenhouse and the heart chilling consequences of broken glass and children, easily avoided.

There are small arguments that polycarbonate greenhouses don’t hold the heat quite as well as glass greenhouses, but with modern technology there is not a lot in it and the differences shouldn’t really affect your overall decision to choose one against the other.

The amount of light that can pass through glass is slightly more than the sun’s rays can beat through a polycarbonate greenhouse, so scientists will always choose glass as the first choice for a strong greenhouse, but the differences are not sufficient to make any particular difference over the long-term.

Polycarbonate used to suffer from the reputation of clouding over the course of time with a slight yellowness. Modern materials don’t have those worries and if you are buying a new polycarbonate greenhouse today you should not even have to ask questions about clouding and yellowness.

The final choice about choosing a traditional glass greenhouse or modern polycarbonate greenhouse may just come down to your own personal thoughts and depending upon whether you want a lighter polycarbonate greenhouse or what many would consider, a stronger greenhouse made of glass, but which will break first?

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