Growing Vegetables In A Potting Shed

You can’t have missed the environment movement that has been steadily growing over the last few years. There are vast campaigns suggesting that you walk or bike to work or if you can’t carpool, consider public transport.

Growing Vegetables In A Potting Shed
Growing Vegetables In A Potting Shed

There have been requests that people holiday locally rather than leaving an enormous carbon footprint as you fly back and forth across the globe and although everyone has argued about high petrol prices for a long time, they are at such a peak now, that the cost of transporting food and goods to shops around the country has increased the price of everything substantially. If you haven’t already, you’re probably looking very carefully at your budget and wondering what else you can cut out and not purchase from this week’s shopping list.

You can, however, reduce your grocery weekly costs, by starting to grow plants in a shed at home before you transport them outside in raised beds. Your whole year’s supply of fruit and vegetables can be developed and as a bonus, they will be organically grown. If you’re going to grow your favourite plants and shrubs from seeds and cuttings, rather than paying local garden centre prices, you’re on to a good thing.

Your daily five fruit and vegetables

If you have a suitable Apex shed in your garden, you can turn it into a potting shed quite easily even if you only allow yourself the share of the space with all of your garden tools and equipment.

One of the benefits of starting to grow your own fruit and vegetables in your own potting shed is that you’ll be provide your own five a day fruit and vegetables as recommended by doctors and experts. This healthier lifestyle will not only save you money away from the supermarket, but will provide you with a better vitamin and mineral content for your body. Instead of buying takeaways from your local fast food restaurants, you’ll have the opportunity to eat an organic range of produce and you’ll be reducing your intake of pesticides and herbicides that are used to grow most supermarket fruit and vegetables, some of which have travelled half way around the world just to be available, for you, out of season.

A packet of seeds will set you back a pound or so and if you buy non-hybrid species of your favourite fruits and vegetables, you can use the seeds from your best producing plants to give you a good start the following year.

A potting shed increases your outdoor exercise

Apart from getting outside and taking in more good quality air than you’d receive from sitting in front of your television in a radiator warmed house, you will also be receiving some gentle exercise as you move around your potting shed as you are planting, weeding, most importantly watering and then finally harvesting your plants.

You can encourage all of your children into your Apex shed, not only to help you, but to join in as well so that they can learn the basics of growing organic fruit and vegetables, why it’s important to save money this way and then they can pass on the message to their children and grandchildren.

Growing in a shed is a great way to spend time relaxing and casting away all the stress from the excessive lifestyles we tend to look to these days. If you’re saving some money and getting fresh air and sunshine at the same time, that can only be a bonus for you and your family.

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