How to Maintain your Hardwood Floors and Keep them Beautiful

Having hardwood flooring is something many homeowners desire. Not only are hardwood floors easy to care for, but they add a rich and stylish element to any room! Whether you have exotic wide plank flooring throughout your house or you simply have elegant cherry strip flooring in your hallway, your beautiful hardwood floor will need proper maintenance to retain its color and luster.

Below are some essential tips for maintaining your hardwood floor and making sure that your floor is not only protected, but safe to walk on as well!

How to Maintain your Hardwood Floors and Keep them Beautiful
How to Maintain your Hardwood Floors and Keep them Beautiful

Washing – Wash your hardwood floors at least once a week, however washing every other day will help ensure that all of the dirt and dust is removed. Letting dander, pet hair, and dust accumulate on your floor will make it slippery and dangerous. Dry moping between washes will help reduce the amount of dust and dirt so doing that once every few days is essential as well.

Rugs – rugs are crucial to ensuring your hardwood flooring is not damaged from water, sand, rocks when people first enter the house. Rugs need to be placed at doorways and entrances because they are able to prevent damaging moisture and other substances from getting on the floors. These rugs shouldn’t be ones that bleed color when wet and they need to have a non-scratch bottom to prevent damage to the surface of your flooring.

Spot cleaning – If you spill something or find a sticky spot on your floor then you need to immediately clean it up before it can damage the finish. To proper way to clean spots is to use a damp non-abrasive cloth with some hardwood floor cleaner. Using other chemical cleaners besides hardwood floor cleaner can be too harsh and can permanently damage the finish on your floor.

Unsealed floors – When dealing with floors not sealed you need to be very careful with water because it will cause the grains to rise and it will also create a blackened spot. If you have an unsealed wood floor then you need to be sure that you use a non-water based cleaner and refrain from alkaline cleaners.

Wide plank flooring, strip flooring, or any other type of wood flooring significantly boosts the value and appeal of your home which is why maintaining it is crucial. Following simple maintenance steps will ensure that your beautiful wood floors stay as vibrant and rich as when they were first installed!

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