How to Remove Black Mold by Yourself

Black mold is a toxic substance that can become dangerous if left to grow undetected in your home. The more of it there is, the more likely you are to face serious respiratory issues. It’s very easy for this to happen if you have unknown water damage in some part of your home that may not be normally visible. It could be somewhere in your basement or your attic; places that are often left neglected by homeowners.

It is not too difficult to test your home for black mold if you are suspicious that mold may be developing. You may notice a strange smell, or it could be that you are aware that water damage is present in some part of your house.

How to Remove Black Mold
How to Remove Black Mold

To test it, first discern the location of the suspected black mold. This could be your basement, attic, bathroom, or even your kitchen. After having a good idea where to test, although testing the entire home is not a bad idea, then you can begin.

After you have found the source of your mold problem, it’s important to come at it with the right equipment on hand. You will definitely want to wear gloves, and if you have a gas mask, wear that, too. Find a way to ventilate the area where you will be removing the mold. If it’s in your bathroom, crack a window. If you have a home air conditioning, activate it to let the air circulate so you will not become surrounded by the hazardous black mold spores in an enclosed area.

If you are lucky enough to have a small patch of mold, then you should be able to clean it thoroughly with a slightly diluted bleach and water mixture. If the black mold is larger in quantity or more developed, you will want to look into an industrial strength professional black mold remover.

Even after cleaning your home’s moldy spots, you may have to go back over them a few more times to make sure that the mold is truly gone. To ensure that it doesn’t come back, you will want to try and keep the newly cleaned area well ventilated. Mold is deterred from growing on dry areas.

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