Making your Bedroom a Place to Unwind

For most people there are few rooms in the home more important than the bedroom. It’s functional. You have to sleep there, as well as storing your belongings and clothes. But you shouldn’t stop there. If you just think of your bedroom as a functional space, you won’t get the most out of it. It has to be comfy and relaxing. Ideally you’ll want it to become your inner sanctuary.


Opting for blackout blinds isn’t necessarily the first thing you’d think about when decorating your bedroom, but they can prove a god-send for many of us. Natural light is important to open up a room and breathe life into your home. When spending time in your bedroom during the day, it’s as vital as any room in the home that you let in the light.

Making your Bedroom a Place to Unwind
Making your Bedroom a Place to Unwind

But that’s not the case all of the time. Street lights can cause havoc with a relaxing bedroom shining in as soon as the sun goes down. If your job requires you to do shift work, blackout blinds are vital to make your room as tranquil and relaxing as possible if you need to sleep during the day. You’ll be able to switch from light filling the room to complete darkness with the flick of your wrist.


Colours can play on your mood. White is always good, but there are other soft hues that can lift your room… and your mood. Opt for a white and purple theme, or choose some soft pastel colours. Think about a feature wall, in purple or pastel with the rest of the walls painted white. Not only will this make your room an inviting place to be, it will also create a calming atmosphere.


The lighting in your bedroom should never be harsh. Don’t just rely on the main light of the room. This will mean you’ve either got the option of harsh, bright light or none at all. To really create the right relaxing atmosphere you need to be able to play around with the lighting. Choose some soft lights, and lamps that can add some character to the room. If you really want to create the feeling of peace and tranquillity bring in some candles. Let them be the only light when you’re feeling stressed. They’ll soon lift your mood.

Your bed

It’s the most important piece of furniture in the room and key to making it a place to unwind. Obviously you need to get mattress that supports your body and promotes a good night’s sleep. But to make it a place to relax and unwind after a hard day (rather than just a place to sleep) choose sheets and covers that are soft and luxurious. Make it an inviting place. Somewhere you look forward to going after a tough day’s work.

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