Preparation to Installing Your Own Drywall

If you are interested in installing your own drywall, or hanging it, as it is often put by professionals, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration before attempting to do everything yourself. The first thing you will need to be aware of is that you will likely need help.

Although it is a do-it-yourself project, a little help will likely be required for lifting heavy materials. If you are strong enough to handle that task on your own without any previous knowledge, you may still need someone experienced to offer advice and tips, as well as survey what you do.

Installing Your Own Drywall
Installing Your Own Drywall

You will want to ensure that everything is set up appropriately, so before you can begin, you need to measure your walls and order your materials accordingly. Also, take into account the room you are remodeling. Your average bedroom will likely not require any special treatment. However, if you are looking to hang drywall in a bathroom, you are going to want something along the lines of Greenboard. Greenboard will provide the wall with much needed moisture resistance as bathrooms can become steamy and spawn mold.

If you are hanging the drywall around an area where you want to put ceramic tiles up, it will be necessary to use concrete board so that it will be sturdy enough to handle. It is very important that you look into the requirements for the area you would like to hang drywall. Different areas will need different maintenance.

When you have everything decided as to what you want to do and what you will need for it, it is then time to look into your basic equipment for hanging drywall. Some of the basic tools you will need for this include a hammer, a drill, a carpenter’s knife, and a drywall saw.

If you have to do it completely on your own, then you may want to invest in a drywall lift. It is carried by plenty of hardware stores, and it can usually be rented for the time it will take for you to complete your project. It is not a necessity, but it will help out a lot for the person who has to hang drywall alone.

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