Short On Space But You Want An Outdoor Room? Consider A Corner Summer House

On first inspection, your garden may not be telling you where you can place a delightful summer house, but with closer investigation you can take great advantage of using your small garden to its maximum by placing a corner summer house, literally, in a corner of your garden.

Although most people like to place wooden garden sheds or summer houses in an area of the garden which allows them the freedom to walk behind and around it, they are usually placed towards the edge of a fence and the space behind often becomes a place to grow tall weeds and hide the ball your children threw six months ago.

Short On Space But You Want An Outdoor Room? Consider A Corner Summer House
Short On Space But You Want An Outdoor Room? Consider A Corner Summer House

By replacing an outdoor corner building tightly against your perimeter fences, you can make the greatest use of your space and not waste an inch.

Why do you want an outdoor room?

There are several reasons you might have chosen to put a corner summerhouse into your small garden. You might want somewhere to go and relax, to get away from the noise of your family, the television and your children’s most recent MP3 downloads on loudspeaker. This might give you the opportunity to catch up on the latest novel, while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea, which might be the only place you can play with your own tablet computer, with everybody wanting a go.

By placing your corner summerhouse in a suitable location in your small garden, you’re probably using your garden more than you would without the outdoor corner building.

What do you need to think about?

If you’re going to make good use of your corner summer house you must pay proper attention to the sun’s movement so you can align the windows and doors to either take in the maximum amount of sun or to locate your outdoor corner building, so you can sit in the shade, if that is your preference.

If you’re only going to be able to use your summer house at certain parts of the day and you do require the maximum amount of sun for light and heat in your new idyllic relaxation location, you must make a note of how the sun passes through your garden. If it is in the wrong location, it might mean that your corner summer house won’t be used consistently.

Small garden equals small summerhouse?

Just because your garden is the largest one in town doesn’t mean you can’t build a suitably sized corner summer house to take advantage of moving your office location down into your garden for a few hours every day.

You need to decide in advance where you’re going to be building a summer house in your garden and you need to know what you’re going to use the summer house for. If it is for occasional relaxation, the size might not matter much, provided you can place a couple of relaxing chairs in your new space.

However, if you’re going to invite friends around regularly and use the corner summer house as your bar or food scene, you should purchase the biggest outdoor corner building that you can afford, balanced with not overpowering the rest of your garden.

If you believe that your children are going to use your corner summer house as a location to invite their friends around to complete their homework, having sufficient space for them to sit and work will be one of your main priorities.

Remember, it is just as important to plan and manage your corner summer house as it is to build the grandest palace in the largest garden. Your new outdoor room must provide you with value for money and contribute as an investment, should you wish to sell your property.

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