The Advantages of Utilizing an Air Compressor of the Oil-free Class

The Advantages of Utilizing an Air Compressor of the Oil-free Class
The Advantages of Utilizing an Air Compressor of the Oil-free Class

It is crucial for everyone to have clean air. There is no surprise here. However because of today’s extra moisture in the air and variances in weather conditions, the need for systems that dehumidify and condition is greater than ever.

Selecting one of these systems can be a challenge without having an understanding of their workings.

One such system is of the oil-free air compressor class. They are among the best in dehumidifying systems that you will find.

Their Design

Oil-free air compressors have an innovative design which keeps oil away from the screws inside. Thus, they emit fewer pollutants in comparison to those that use oil because the air is not contaminated with traces of it.

You will find that oil-free air compressors come in three designs: rotary screw, reciprocating air, rotary centrifugal.

Air compression units that are oil-free and multistage will typically use several screws to generate pressure at the rate of 57 cubic yards per minute.

Typical Uses

Air compressor systems of the oil-free class, because they are safe and efficient, are typically utilized for industrial applications. You will also find them utilized in the homes because they are easy to use and versatile.

You will also find oil-free air compressors used in semiconductor production and research environments. The primary reason is because within these environments the air must be free of oil pollutants.

Compared to Oil-based Air Compressors

Compared to their oil-based counterpart, oil-free compressors used in cooling and dehumidification are significantly more durable. Furthermore, if the oil-free compressors are maintained regularly their lifetime will match or exceed that of their counterpart.

Oil-free air compressors also have reduced discharge pressure compared to their counterparts. This is basically because of their design that utilizes screws as opposed to pistons.

When making the choice among the various brands of oil-free compressor units, it is critical to know their facts and technical specifications plus have some rudimentary knowledge as to their design. Of course getting the help from experts with regard to oil-free air compressors is always a good idea as well.

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