The Good and Bad of Solar Power

Many people are choosing to use solar power today over typical oil based electricity, and there appear to be some pretty good reasons for that choice. When you look at the advantages of solar power, it may be something you want to consider. For instance, solar energy is renewable. Granted, the power of the sun can’t be used at night or in cloudy weather, but you know that the sun will come out at some point to offer more light and energy.

Oil, on the other hand, isn’t renewable. When it’s gone, that’s it. There has to be another energy source discovered, but that’s most likely not going to be continual either.

The Good and Bad of Solar Power
The Good and Bad of Solar Power

Solar cells make no noise whatsoever. They take energy from the sun silently. Consider how much noise an oil drill makes. The comparison speaks for itself.

Solar energy doesn’t pour pollution into the air. This is probably the most important advantage that solar energy has over oil. When oil burns, it releases carbon dioxide into the air along with other carcinogens and greenhouse gases.

Solar cells don’t need a lot of maintenance. Since they don’t have any moving parts that need repairing, they’ll last a long time. Needless to say, that’s a total advantage to anyone that’s not particularly handy with fixing things.

Even though solar panels cost a lot in the beginning, you’re still saving money long term. You’re not paying for the sun’s energy. While solar panels prices may be expensive at first, it evens out when you consider the continual rising of oil costs.

In addition, solar powered products are easily installed. There are no wires to worry about. So you don’t need to be an electrician or other specialist to get it right.

Of course, nothing is perfect, not even solar energy. But when you see what the purported disadvantages are, you’ll probably start laughing. One of the so-called disadvantages is the initial expense. This is true, but that more than pays for the start costs in the long run.

Something else that people worry about is that solar power can’t be made when there’s no sun. That’s not actually a problem since the energy is collected from the sun and stored to use as needed. So you see, there really aren’t any insurmountable issues with solar energy.

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