The Importance of Taping and Finishing Your Drywall Project

Some newcomers to hanging drywall may not fully understand how important taping is to that particular project. Without taping, the finished wall can look sloppy and uneven. Not to mention that because it is not well pressed at the seams, it can cause the walls to crack easier as they will not have as much support. If you are planning on cutting corners or taking the shortest route to the finish, then you may want to go ahead and just hire a professional to come and do it all.

Taping and Finishing Your Drywall Project
Taping and Finishing Your Drywall Project

Those that don’t use tape on their drywall projects will have issues later on that will need repairing. If you have already put up your walls without tape, then you may as well just take them down now and redo them. When putting up your drywall, the tape goes up over the cracks in between drywall sheets, the ceiling, and the floor.

You use the drywall tape after the joint compound has been laid into the cracks. This helps keep the compound in place while it dries. Without the tape to hold it there, it can leak down and cause an uneven appearance to your wall.

There is no need to ever remove the tape unless it has been laid incorrectly. You will likely have to apply the tape multiple times during the mudding process. An endeavor to hang drywall just can’t be properly completed without the drywall tape.Taping is one of the steps to actually finishing your wall. It is a good ways from the end of the project, but all of the steps to hanging drywall are important.

When finishing your project, go back and think of everything that you did in the process. Make a list if you have to and check it over twice. You won’t want to near your completion of this endeavor just to realize that you forgot something important. You could have forgotten the tape, or even the compound.

It is unlikely that one who takes on the challenge of hanging drywall will forget anything important like that, but it does still happen. Just go back over it mentally. It never hurts to double check before it’s too late.

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