What is the Purpose of Finishing Sanders?

A finishing sheet sander is a tool that is powered electrically that will create a smooth surface on the object that you are sanding. Another name for a finishing sander is block sander. The reason this type of sander has this name is because of the square shape that it acquires.

This block sander is known for making finishes on surfaces quick and precise. You will often get better results whenever you use this type of sander as opposed to manual type of sanding. Standard sand paper sheets are used with block sanders generally. The good news about the standard sized sand paper is that it is versatile and it is easy to find online or at your local hardware supply store.

What is the Purpose of Finishing Sanders
What is the Purpose of Finishing Sanders

Unlike large sheets of sandpaper, you do not have to worry about trimming the standard size sand paper; just attach it to the sanding block and you can begin using it right away! You can save your time and money whenever you use a block sander along with the standard-sized sheets of sand paper.

Random orbit sanders belong in the same category with the finishing sanders, however, they do not smooth out the surface of an item as well as a block sander would. The texture of the Random orbit sanders are a bit rougher compared to the blocker sander texture. When using an orbit sander you can expect to use the circular sand paper sheets.

However the random orbit sander is a cheap sander so if you are on a budget and the quality isn’t quite of importance then this might be the right type of sander for you to use. You should just expect to take more time on your project for the perfect sanding finish. You need to keep in mind that the orbit sander does not take off as much material as the block sander does; so you might want to spend a little bit of extra money to purchase the block sander.

Finishing sanders are not too difficult to maintain. The block sander and the orbit sander both have backing pads on them which makes it easy to attach the correct sand paper sheets to them. The pad will wear down eventually the more the tool is used, and you will eventually have to replace the sand paper. It is important to know when it is time to replace the sandpaper so that you will always get a smooth finish.

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