Why Buy Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Many people are becoming more and more eco-friendly especially when it comes to buying energy efficient products mainly because saving energy means saving money. When it comes to washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other large household appliances, they usually last for several years and the energy bills associated with each appliance can really add up over its lifespan.

Due to the current economic times, saving money where you can is crucial however many people don’t realize the massive savings that can be had just by buying an energy efficient dishwasher!

Why Buy Energy Efficient Dishwashers
Why Buy Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Most dishwashers will last around ten years (give or take a few years depending on amount of use) and during each year there will be around two hundred wash cycles! As you can see you will run your dishwasher through thousands of wash cycles over its lifetime and if it’s not energy efficient you can be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain!

Finding an energy efficient dishwasher in the States can be a little tricky because of the Energy Star System used. In Europe green products are rated on a scale and each product is individually checked, however in the U.S this rating is voluntary and each model will state specific estimated yearly operating costs. The fatal flaw with the Energy Star System is that it is hard for people to gauge exactly how energy efficient the product is just based on that estimated cost because each household will have different usage amounts.

If you already have a dishwasher and don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars replacing it, then you can save a few bucks and go green by making a few alterations to how you use it. First, you need to make sure that your dishwasher is completely full before you run it. Using fewer loads is a great energy saver! Next, try running it at a lower temperature because most detergents can sufficiently clean the dishes without the water being scalding hot. Also, let the dishes air dry because using the drying cycle is incredibly energy consuming. Lastly, maintain your dishwasher!

Maintaining your dishwasher is crucial because little parts can result in a malfunctioning dishwasher that doesn’t completely wash or dry the dishes. Having dishwasher spares is important so click here for dishwasher spares. Additionally Bosch is one of the most energy efficient brands so if you are planning on buying a Bosch dishwasher than see here for Bosch spares!

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